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ePub Corner is an open website for downloading free epub and pdf Books worldwide. The main motto of our website is to provide a user-friendly downloading environment without registration and other hectic procedures. For this purpose, we collect books from the online world, check them manually, and put them on our website along with a handwritten description.

Each ebook posted in ePub Corner is cautiously reviewed before publication. Intellectual belongings rights are strictly respected. We evaluate the posted texts, the version to which it belongs, the date of the author’s death, the date of the translator ( while appropriate) date, the rights of the photos blanketed withinside the document, cover photos of the book, and many more. No images texts or pdfs are posted till we confirm that every content material is withinside the Public Domain in the USA (as our server is located in the USA).

We are human and we know that despite our best efforts, sometimes we make mistakes. That’s why we respond diligently to every complaint we receive, whether it’s DMCA or otherwise.

Inaccurate DMCA statements and massive automated DMCA statements disrupt our service and force search engines to remove our content search results. ePub Corner will legally & Strictly claim any loss generated by inaccurate or automatic DMCA complaints.

If you find any copyrighted file or ebook on our server and you want to remove it, simply inform us with solid written proofs and evidence. We will take action within 7 business days after your submission of DMCA complaint. The following requirements should exist in your copyright infringement claim:

  • Valid Email Address
  • Identity and proof of the owner
  • Links and screenshots of the copyrighted material

Send us your copyright infringement claim at [email protected] with this info. We will come to you within 7 business days. Bear in mind that we do not allow False DMCA Claim

In the case of any queries, feel free to contact us.

Also, You can Send Your Complaint in the Box Below